【May 14, 2011】

Although it was the first time ever for the HEAVENESE band to perform in its "Yamatodamashii" style, with Japanese taiko drums and shamisen, outside of Tokyo, the venue was packed with people of all ages, from small children to elderly people. It was quite a sight to see the whole audience stand and sing "halellujah chorus"

The event was reported in the local newspaper as well.

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Charity Gospel Fest for Eastern Japan Earthquake Relief vol.1
【April 28, 2011】

We thank all those who came to the concert to support our work in the affected areas.

HEAVENESE's regular music event called the "Gospel Fest" originally started when it
held the "Gospel Fest--Don't forget Kobe" charity concert for the victims of Kobe earthquake in 1995.

Please check out the on-site report of our relief effort named "Send LOVE project": Send LOVE Project

Check out the video clip of HEAVENESE LIVE concert in Shibuya, Tokyo!


【January 31, 2011】

Thank you for coming out!
Check out the report here! (only in Japanese)